COF Assessment
Determining individual and collective cultural orientations

Terms and Conditions of Service

A document with the terms and conditions formulated in legal language and explicitly referring to the applicable legislation (particularly concerning data protection) will be available shortly. To avoid delays in making the new COF assessment available, we summarize below the essential terms and conditions of service.


Your individual responses will be treated in strict confidentiality: individual results will be accessible only to you, to the authorized COF administrators and to your COF project manager. Guaranteeing confidentiality of individual data is critical to ensure you respond candidly and results are meaningful.

The authorized COF administrators and the COF project managers will make certain that individual data are not divulged and are only shared with others in the form of group aggregate results.

Use of participant licenses (for COF project managers)

Licenses you have purchased can be used as long as the COF assessment will remain in operation – we don’t intend to stop the COF assessment, which is already available since 2006.

Data protection

Continuity of service and disclaimer of warranties

We do our best to ensure the continuity of service but you accept that temporary disruptions may exceptionally occur and that, in these circumstances, no compensation will be due by Rosinski & Company. More generally, you agree to not hold Rosinski & Company responsible for any inconvenience due to the exceptional disruption or loss of data, or any damage in connection with the use of the COF assessment.

Intellectual property

The information on this website is the property of Philippe Rosinski, licensed exclusively to Rosinski & Company sprl. It is protected by copyright, trademark and other intellectually property laws, which you agree to respect.

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Terms and conditions of service
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